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regional democracy and deposit advisor for southern africa at usaid. and also by jason johnson, an al jazeera consultant and professor at hiram college. thank you for joining us. the influence of individual men on historical event is often overstated. in this case do we have a clear example of a man who made a dramatic difference, especially when you compare what happened in south africa to nearby rhodesia and zimbabwe, where there was apartheid and that country descended into chaos? >> absolutely. leaders make the difference and the contrast you drew against nelson mandela, and robert mugabe. as great as nelson mandela was, one of his greatest aspect that hadn't been touched on by a sufficient number of people is that he was a team player. the anc was a large big tent national organization, tumbo was the leader until his death in the 1990s. he led while nelson mandela was in prison. armond. and chris honey mentioned earlier. he pulled the group together and his wisdom and patients, gentleness and toughness. the form area apartheid regime tried to play him off against other leaders to
automatic french translation because it's french economic policy. >> dan mitchell and david k. johnson, appreciate you joining us to talk about this tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> switching topics now from the economy and freedom for financial equality for freedom for some of the smartest animals. the non-human rights project filed a habeas corpus suit in an effort to win release from a cage for a 26-year-old chim pans e called tommy. the suit will file for a 26-year-old cheek named kiko and two used in a research lab. the non-human rights project says it plans to file suits on bhaichld of gorillas, champ pansees and elephants, whales and dolphins. for more, i am joined in our new york studio by steven weis, the president of the non-human rights project. i know your group said that chim pans ease are self-aware and ought often muss and to be recognized as legal persons with fundamental rights. what rights should they have? >> right now, they don't have any rights at >> the owner wouldn't live there. worst of all, perhaps, he is by himself. he is in solid area confinement without
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)